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Rush Poker is the fastest poker game online.

Rush Poker

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Standard poker rules apply but that's where the similarities to normal poker ends.

If you like online poker, you will love Rush Poker.

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Texas Holdem
Omaha hi/lo

from $0.02/$.05
up to $2/4


Basic Poker Strategy
Texas Holdem Basics
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Texas Holdem Basics

Texas Holdem is the most popular game online. It is also the most popular Rush Poker game. For you to become a good Rush Poker player, you need to know the basic Texas Hold'em Strategy.

The first thing you need to learn is which starting hands to play and when. This all depends on position. The Holdem starting hands map below will give you a good idea of when to play which starting hands.

Holdem Poker Starting Hands

As you can see in the image above, suited hands and pairs are the hands that you will play the most, regardless of your poisiton at the table.

What Are The Best Hands

Obvioulsy AA - "pocket rockets" or "American Airlines", is the best hands. But position is the single most important factor and it will in the long run determine whether you are a winning or loosing player at the tables. And the strength of many hands depends on position.

Good Starting Hands From Early Position

Hands that work well from early position is generally medium pocket pairs and high suited hands. You need a good draw or a set in order to play them from an early position. These starting hands hands will give you a good chance to hit just that. And if you don't immediately let them go. You need the upper hand in terms of a good draw or set to make up for the early position.