Rush Poker

Rush Poker is the fastest poker game online.

Rush Poker

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Standard poker rules apply but that's where the similarities to normal poker ends.

If you like online poker, you will love Rush Poker.

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For US poker players it's not possible to signup and play for real money at Full Tilt Poker.

Rush Poker Quick Facts

Games offered
Texas Holdem
Omaha hi/lo

from $0.02/$.05
up to $2/4


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Rakeback Deals

Rush Poker Rakeback

Are you a rakeback player? Welcome home! Rush Poker is the rakeback game.

Rakeback Games for Rush Poker

Playing one table the Rush Poker way is comparable to playing 7 regular poker tables simultaneously. If you can play 7 regular tables at once you can play at least 3 Rush Poker tables at once. It does not take a genious to figure out that this revolutionizes rakeback play.

The Downside

Yes, unfortunately, there is a downside. Due to the fast nature of the game without any boring waiting time inbetween pots also the fish plays tighter than usual. A normal poker table rewards patience more than a Rush Poker table.

Available Poker Games

These are the Rush Poker games:

Texas Holdem: NL, PL and FL
Omaha: PL and FL
Omaha Hi/Lo: NL, PL and FL
All tables are available for multitable play and you can choose between 6 and 10 player tables.

Rush Poker Stakes:
from $0.02/$0.04 up to $2/$4.

Average hands per hour:
from 400 up to 600 hands per hour depending on the stakes. The most popular stakes are $0.25/$0.50.

Rush Poker Multitable Play:
Yes you can play multiple Rush Poker tables. It works exactly the same way as regular multitable play.

VIP Treatment at Full Tilt Poker

Are you a VIP player? Then contact Full Tilt poker after you've signed up. You could get a better rakeback deal than normal players. Combining this with Rush Poker rakeback, you could get a very sweet deal.

If you are looking for rakeback deals at other sites than Full Tilt - please visit our rakeback section.

How Do You Become a Rush Poker VIP

If you are unsure if you're eligable to a VIP status. Then simply spend some time at the tables. Time is the factor and the more time you spend at the tables the better your chances are of becoming a Full Tilt poker VIP.

Full Tilt is a corporation in the business of making money. They don't care if you win or loose as long as you bring in the rake.

Rake depends two things; The size of the pot and The number of pots. Faster play means more hands and more pots. Higher stakes means bigger pots and more rake. Combine the two and you have the winner - Rush Poker. Rake is the name of the game and Rush Poker is the best game for high rakes in a short amount of time.

These are the cold facts, use them to your advantage and get the best deal you can. Please click here to visit Full Tilt.