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Standard poker rules apply but that's where the similarities to normal poker ends.

If you like online poker, you will love Rush Poker.

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Basic Poker Strategy
Texas Holdem Basics
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Poker - Position Terms

Position in poker, especially Texas Holdem is essential to your game. Playing the right cards in the right way at each position is what seperates the fish from the shark.

In order to do this you need to have the poker table lingo down. Here's what it all means.

Texas Holdem Positions

Below you'll find a breakdown of the most important positions at the Texas Hold'em poker table.

Dealer Position

Most obvious - You deal the cards you are the dealer. Online this is shown by the dealer badge or a "button" which is moved around the table automatically.

This is the best position at the table. The reason being that you are last to act and can collect information from all of your opponents at the table before making your decisions. This position is also referred to as the "button".

Under The Gun - UTG

This is the worst position, here you are first to act. Here you are first to act. Only play your very best hands from this position.

Big Blind

This is the player positioned left of the small blind. Here you will get to play a lot of unraised pots simply because your stake is already in the pot. Don't get tempted to call raises in this position. You need to play tight and only call (or raise) with your very best hands.

Small Blind

Placed left of the "button" or the dealer. One of the worst positions. Same strategy here, only play your top Holdem hands from this position. Don't call with inferiour hands.


The Cutoff is the position just before the dealer. This is the second best position at the table. A general good position for raising since the dealer might fold and then give you the best position at the table for future rounds. But be careful, the dealer might call and the have "position on you" in the next round.

These are the most important hands online. Knowing the proper strategy for these hands is important. And now you know the terminology and have some basic advice on your hands.

All other positions are simply referred to as 4th, 5th etc up to 8th position. 1st is small blind, 2nd is big blind, 3rd is under the gun, 9th is the cutoff and 10th is the dealer or the "button".

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