Rush Poker

Rush Poker is the fastest poker game online.

Rush Poker

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Standard poker rules apply but that's where the similarities to normal poker ends.

If you like online poker, you will love Rush Poker.

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Games offered
Texas Holdem
Omaha hi/lo

from $0.02/$.05
up to $2/4


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Rush Poker Basics

The most significant difference between Rush Poker and regular poker is that when you fold you are immediately moved to a different table and dealt a brand new hand. This kills all the waiting time in between hands.

Rush Poker is developed by Full Tilt Poker and only available at the Full Tilt Poker site.

Learn To Play Rush Poker

Rush Poker can be explained as a game where all players are a part of one big "pond" of players. All the stakes each have one big pond of poker players. Through the Rush Poker software all players are available at all tables at the same time. The Rush Poker software keeps track of when all players fold. The second they fold they are redirected to a new table and immediately dealt a new hand against new opponents.

It might be confusing the first time you play, simply because of the speed of the game. But if you are fairly familiar with online play you'll adjust quickly. In no more than 15 minutes you will be quite comfortable with the game speed. And you can always try out the small stake tables first, should you feel confused.

What is the Quick Fold Button and What about the blinds and How about position?

The Quick Fold Button
The table design, fold and raise buttons, cards everything is exactly the same except for the quick fold button. The second you hit this you will be dealt a new hand at a new table. Hitting the quickfold button means that you don't even have to await your turn before you fold your hand.

Rush Poker Blinds
Thanks to the Full Tilt Rush Poker software you never pay more blinds during a night of Rush Poker than in regular play. The software keeps track of how many blinds you've posted and everytime you are at a new table the "right" players post the small and the big blind.

Rush Poker Table Position
Same goes for position, the Rush Poker software keeps track of how many times you've been at a certain position and evens this out at the table. Sometimes you will be given the same position twice in a row, but fairly quickly this will even out.

Rush Poker Strategy
What are the differences between Rush Poker strategy and basic poker strategy? They are basically the same. But there are a couple of differences that you need to be aware of before playing. So visit our Rush Poker Strategy section before you start playing.

Rush Poker Videos

If you still feel unsecure about Rush Poker. The video below of Rush Poker games will help you get a better feel of what it's like to play Rush Poker.

When you feel ready, visit Full Tilt Poker to start playing.

Have Fun!