Rush Poker

Rush Poker is the fastest poker game online.

Rush Poker

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Standard poker rules apply but that's where the similarities to normal poker ends.

If you like online poker, you will love Rush Poker.

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Please note:
For US poker players it's not possible to signup and play for real money at Full Tilt Poker.

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Games offered
Texas Holdem
Omaha hi/lo

from $0.02/$.05
up to $2/4


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Rush Poker Bonus

When clearing a poker bonus playing Rush Poker you will clear it up to 10 times faster. This is when playing more than one table - multitable. But even when playing just one single Rush Poker table you will clear the bonus about 3 times faster compared to regular poker tables.

Under perfect conditions playing middle stakes you can clear your full Rush Poker bonus in less than 6 hours.

The Full Tilt Rush Poker Bonus

Rush Poker is exclusive to Full Tilt Poker. The signup bonus at Full Tilt is a good one though, they offer 100% match up to $600 in free bonus money.

Rush Poker Signup Bonus - How it works

A 100% match means that Full Tilt will double your first deposit up to a max of $600. Why would Full Tilt give you free money? Well, to keep you as a loyal customer on their site of course. But still, this is a good offer.

Example: You make your first deposit of $250 at Full Tilt poker. You will then be given an extra $250 to play with. This means you'll have a total of $500 in your Full Tilt poker account. Please note that Full Tilt will only double your first deposit at their site.

You will receive your bonus automatically when making your first deposit.

Your original deposit, in this example $250, you can withdraw at any time. But your bonus money has to be "played through" a certain amount of time before withdrawing. This is to prevent people from depositing and then directly withdrawing the free bonus money. This is what's called wagering requierments or play through reqiuerments.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus - Wagering Requierments

The wagering requierment for your Rush Poker bonus is only in regards to the bonus amount. Your original deposit can be withdrawn at any time.

How It Works

For each $1 that is taken from the pot in rake* every player at the table receives one Full Tilt Point (FTP). The number of FTPs given to each player depends on the rake. The size of the rake depends on the size of the pot. So, depending on the size of the pot all players at the table receives FTPs of up to a max of 3 FTPs per hand.

Each FTP is worth $0.06. This means that you can make up to $18 for every one hundred hands that you play. The bonus is then released in $10 increments until you reach your full bonus.

Does it seem complicated? Alright, here's an example:

Rush Poker Bonuses Explained

Let's say you're playing Rush Poker at stakes $0.25/$0.50. The average number of hands on this level is 600 poker hands per hour. So, on this level you can reach maximum $108 in bonus money during one hour of normal play. This means that under perfect conditions** you can clear a full $600 Rush Poker bonus in less than 6 hours.

If you're skilled enough to play two or more tables at once, then you can clear your full $600 bonus in less than 3 hours. Obvioulsy if your first deposit was less than $600, and your bonus then lower too, it will go even faster than that.

What's the catch?

Well, you have to be good or lucky enough to not loose your money when playing. Remember, we're talking time here, you still have to play the same number of hands as at a normal poker table. Rush Poker only makes the time much shorter, it does not help you play a better game.

Please note that the Rush Poker signup bonus is only given on your first deposit at FullTilt poker.

Please click here to visit Full Tilt Poker to start playing Rush Poker.

*Rake is how the online poker rooms make money. They take a cut - a small percentage of every pot. This is their profit.
**Perfect conditions. The example above is under perfect playing conditions with a max rake in ever pot. Please note that on lower to medium stake tables under regular conditions a clearing of a Full Tilt Bonus can take anything from the time given to up to several days or even longer depending on playing conditions and stake levels.